The building located in Chicha St. in Szklarska Poręba was erected in the beginning of the 20th century by the Schude family living in the region. The legal owner of the building, which already back then was a guesthouse, was Mrs. Maria Schmude, and that is how the house got its name,“Haus Anna Maria”. The building was extremely modern, equipped with a plumbing system with hot and cold water, central heating, and bathrooms.

Mountain Belvedere

Post-war years

In the years following the war, the building was used as a holiday house for the Polish President’s office and during this period it was called the “Mountain Belvedere”. Afterwards, for many years, it was subjected to excessive use, which, combined with lack of any renovations, took it to the brink of deterioration.

W 2009 roku obiekt sprzedany przez Miasto Szklarska Poręba trafił w ręce obecnego właściciela, który podarował mu nowe życie. Po ponad dwuletniej przebudowie i odbudowie w roku 2012 obiekt ponownie wraca do zasobów budynków turystycznych.

Willa na Cichej

Come experience an unforgettable stay in our over 100-year-old villa located in the picturesque mountain town of Szklarska Poręba!
Villa na Cichej Szklarska Poręba